Managers of Elham Pardazan Tejarat Farda Company due to years of experience in the field of trade and commerce, project support and investment in Iran and China in 2016 Shamsi established Elham Pardazan Tejarat Farda Company in Iran in order to provide services to Iranian and Chinese investors and businessmen in a more centralized way due to its experiences.
The company is headquartered in China in Beijing and Yiwu, and the company is headquartered in Tehran.
​​​​​​The company is also a member of the Iran-China Chamber of Commerce.

About company 

درباره استدیو طراحی بهرنگ

  Goals & Objectives                       

Investment support, introduction of investment opportunities in Iran and China, as well as support for the implementation of development projects in important oil and gas, petrochemical, industry and mining, trade and the implementation of some exhibitions in two countries are on the company's agenda and the company succeeds  Optimal service in the above cases has been provided to investors, traders and construction project managers.

خدمات استدیو طراحی بهرنگ


Expanding investment fields, introducing effective and favorable markets,supporting the implementation of projects, removing some existing barriers, more effective presence in doing business and commerce due to the increasing perspective of the volume of activities between Iran and China due to  The 25-year contract between the two countries is one of the prospects of this company.

توانایی های استدیو طراحی بهرنگ


 Specialized Commercial Services
-Provide proforma and coordination for import and export
​​​​​​​-validation of Iran & Chinese manufacturers & companies   via legal lawyers
-Carrying out matters related to the inspection of goods
-Carrying out matters related to the clearance of goods
-Carrying out matters related to the inspection of goods
-Carrying out matters related to the clearance of goods
-Accept all purchase orders from China
-Contract in Tehran office​​​​​​​
 market research
-Marketing and market management of export and imported   goods
-Technical Services
-Execution of projects
-Supporting projects and contracting services
 Investment Consultation 
-Creating suitable conditions for participation in fertile projects   and joint ventures with foreign partners
 Doing exhibition work
-Managing and holding exhibitions
-Performing specialized exhibitions in China
-Coordinating and carrying out related affairs in Iran and   China​​​​​​​
 Doing mining

-Carrying out operations of iron ore, copper, coal and other   metallic and non-metallic industries

توانایی های استدیو طراحی بهرنگ

China Trade and Commerce

China is known as the first exporter of goods in the world and of course it is also a big importer.  In2019, it was the first exporter and the second importer of goods and the second largest economy in the world has based on GDP.

China has been one of the oldest and largest trading partners of Iran and still supplies many of the goods our country needs.

One of the main reasons for choosing Chinese products is that due to mass production and use of modern technology, low wages and exchange rate manipulation, the country has been able to produce quality goods but at a lower price than other countries.  Therefore, in recent years, China has largely managed to surround the entire world market.

Importing goods from China is recognized as one of the most profitable international trades.  Even when the price of goods in China is very cheap for traders, importing and selling them in another country will bring a profit of nearly 100%.

Most people think that all Chinese goods are of poor quality and unsustainable if this belief is completely wrong.  Most Chinese manufacturers guarantee the quality of their products, and conditions are provided to ensure the quality of the product by sending a sample and checking and testing it before buying in bulk, and then mass importing the desired product.  Therefore, there is no need to worry about importing cheap but quality goods.

Elham Pardazan Tejarat Farda Company, in addition to providing services to Chinese businessmen and investors in Iran, is proud to provide the most up-to-date specialized information about their desired product for Iranian businessmen and traders, through extensive contacts with various companies and factories throughout China.  Prepare the most suitable products according to: high quality, product warranty, low and competitive price, after-sales service, etc., and in addition to the best purchase, have the lowest trade risk from China.

The most important ports in China are:

Shenzhen,Tianjin Dalian, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Qingdao, Qinhuangdao, Shanghai​​​​​​​